Believe it or not, this is not all I do!  Aside from being behind my camera, I love keeping myself extremely busy.  I run, I garden, I cook, I work a 9-5, support Cleveland sports, and I am continually looking for new ideas to decorate our home. I have a large family and love spending time with them.  They double as a rocking support system, and hilarious entertainment.  You know when the Zunics have arrived – the volume in the room increases significantly and you can't get us to stop laughing.

There's a special dude in my life who hears me, reinforces my desire to follow my passion, and accepts me for having a Macbook glued to my lap most evenings working on photos. My husband Adam has even second shot a wedding for me, which was awesome to experience together! The next morning he said “I have a new appreciation for what you do…” and ever since he has a better understanding of why I put so much time into working with my clients, and spend hours reviewing and enhancing my photos to provide them with the very best.

Whitney Zunic Photography_Zunic-8640.jpg
Whitney Zunic Photography_Zunic-8.jpg

The furry love-of-my-life is my 9 year old cocker-pei, Charlie Wrinkles.  Chuck has been in my life since he was 4 months old and has taught me so much about myself.  Although while I am editing he attempts to lay on my laptop to steal my attention, I couldn't ask for a better buddy to cuddle me while I'm working on photos, or to be my model when I come home with a new lens.

Quick facts:

  • Favorite color: Brown
  • What's in my glass: Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Selection from the menu: Pizza
  • Go-to hashtag: #drakestreetadventures
  • Guilty pleasure: Keeping Up With the Kardashians
  • Secret talent: Whistling out of the side of my mouth

Thanks for taking a few minutes to learn a little bit more about me.  I hope you reach out and I get the opportunity to get to know you, too!

-Whitney Deich