Allow Me to Introduce Myself

We all have a passion...we may not realize it today, it may not even hit us in the next 10 years, but the hope is that at some point everyone finds something that makes them feel purposeful, at peace, and like they have reason.

Photography is not my passion. 

Surprised to read that on a photographer's blog?  Well, it's true!  I love it.  I enjoy learning about it, working with my clients, and improving my skills with every single session.  It is something that fills so much of my time, yet I never get bored with it, but my passion goes a little bit deeper.  

My passion is memories, and photography is my means of collecting them.

I am in love with the idea of taking moments in time, ages, looks, haircuts and smiles and freezing them to be shared both in the immediate, and years from today.

Being a collector of memories (unofficial title!) is something that I’ve always strived for.  I’ve taken thousands of pictures, shots hours of video, and compiled hundreds of slideshows, highlight videos, collages and scrapbooks.  I can’t explain the drive to do so, but the sense of achievement I find when a project is complete is absolutely fulfilling.

So, as a memory keeper (unofficial title #2!) I’ve been doing what I can to take on more, expand my knowledge, and become more proficient in my trait.  The photo above was really the “aha moment” of my career as a Professional Photographer (actual title).  The recognition of my talent was brought to light - I’ve always had people in my corner, telling me I was good enough, pushing me to keep going, and supporting me beyond belief.  My family and friends have always had my back and kept me moving forward, and although their backing means the world, it wasn’t until I received outside approval that I really felt like I had made it.  More on that photo to come…but for now, thank you for visiting my site, following my work, and sharing in my passion.  

Let the journey begin!

Whitney Zunic

Whitney Zunic Photography, 35143 Drake Street, North Ridgeville, OH, 44039